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Debt Collection

Are you being harassed from a credit card company, are faced with piles of unpaid medical bills or need help with a credit card defense lawsuit? Peter Carratt can help.

Peter Carratt and the lawyers from Attorneys and Debt Counselors offer honest and practical advice when it comes to dealing with debt collectors. Whether you're being harassed from a credit card company, are faced with piles of unpaid medical bills or need help with a credit card defense lawsuit, we can help.

The Attorneys and Debt Counselors are dedicated to protecting consumers against the unfair practices of abusive debt collectors. We have helped many clients facing debt collectors hounding them for debt related to student loans, mortgages, car loans, credit cards and medical bills.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with proactive legal responses to the abusive and harassing tactics that debt collectors so frequently resort to in their day to day operations.

Under federal law, debt collectors that collect debts in error, provide poor customer service, have rude employees, use improper collection tactics, have improper billing, use vulgarity, make harassing phone calls, and make threats to consumers aren't acting lawfully or professionally. Federal legislation to address these widespread abuses among collection agencies was enacted into law by Congress in 1977 through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The FCDPA expressly forbids collection agencies to:

  • Threaten to harm you, a family member, your reputation or property
  • Curse or use profane language
  • Talk to one of your neighbors, relatives or employer about your debt
  • Call repeatedly and at unreasonable hours (before 8AM or after 9PM)
  • Make a false statement about the debt or the collection effort
  • Falsely identify himself/herself as an attorney
  • Threaten to garnish benefits such as Social Security, pension child support or alimony
  • Use an envelope or post card that reveals to the world that you owe money
Other laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and consumer protection laws enacted at the state levels offer consumer's protection against unfair collection tactics as well. However, these laws are only powerful if those being harassed speak up and pursue their rights.

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