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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to reduce or reorganize your debt so that you can repay some or all of it.

Our bankruptcy attorneys in Daytona and Tampa can help you file for bankruptcy relief under U.S. Code, Title 11, with the ultimate goal of saving your possessions, saving your home, and rebuilding your good credit. U.S. Code, Title 11, covers several different types, or "chapters," of bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to reduce or reorganize your debt so that you can repay some or all of it. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is intended for individuals who are able to pay for basic living expenses, but are behind on paying off their debts. By filing Chapter 13, you must propose in good faith that you will pay all or part of your debt from future earnings over a period of time.

If a Florida court approves your payment plan, you may settle your debts with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy even if your creditors are not willing to go along with the plan. By making your payments as required, you are able to stop home foreclosure, bill collector harassment, and car repossession.

Filing Chapter 13 with a Tampa bankruptcy attorney can also put you back on the road to rebuilding your credit rating.

If a creditor continues to call or write to you after you have advised them that you have filed for bankruptcy and given them your case number and filing date, make sure to ask for and write down the name of the person contacting you, and the date and time. Keep a log of any unauthorized contacts after your bankruptcy filing. If any creditor has contacted you repeatedly after notification of your filing status you should call your attorney for assistance.

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